“Will You Take Me As I Am: Joni Mitchell’s Blue Period” A Review

I can’t keep beat, I don’t play instruments, and I sure as hell can’t sing.  I myself am not musical, but I love music.  I am the type of person who obsesses over song lyrics.  I mean it, too.  I will memorize, research, define, analyze, etc. I admire the words and envy the artists’ ability to bring life to them with music.

Marden’s (the store) has this wonderful deal where you can rifle through huge tables of books and pay for all of them by their weight.  It is seriously one of the most fantastic things.  My greatest find there to date has to be Michelle Mercer’s Will You Take Me As I Am: Joni Mitchell’s Blue Period. This was a great find because I have always loved Joni Mitchell’s lyrics, but I didn’t know too much about her.

The book doesn’t just talk about Mitchell’s life.  It also gives background and analysis on the things that influenced her music and writing.  The author touches on how Mitchell has been influenced by the ancients, her romances, Canadian geography, and religion among other things. As Mercer delves into these subjects, the lyrics become clearer and the layers of Joni Mitchell become deeper.

Mercer paints a portrait of her with personal interviews and extremely well done research.  The book was pretty much everything I wanted to know about Mitchell’s lyrics all in one place.  Whether you hate Joni Mitchell, live by her words, or have never even heard of herI can guarantee that you will in some way enjoy reading this book.  It is very cool and I highly recommend it to anyone.


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