Bangor Has a Food Truck (Finally)

The hardest decision I had to make today was regarding food. I was struggling while trying to decide between a veggie taco, escargot poppers, and white truffle french fries. I was making this gourmet decision behind the parking garage of Downtown Bangor while standing in front of the Street Bistro  food truck.  Yeah, that’s right, I said food truck.  I repeat:

Bangor, Maine has a food truck.

After much deliberation, I decided on the veggie taco made with cilantro, brown coconut rice, a fresh slice of avocado, remoulade, slaw, and mango salsa.  I am very happy with my choice.  Between bites, I couldn’t stop gushing over how good it was.  I think I was in awe that I had just bought something so delicious behind a parking garage in Downtown Bangor.

While I don’t eat meat myself, I was assured by a fellow diner that the braised beef taco is definitely better than the pork taco, “even though the pork is so good.”  A friend who had also spent today’s lunch at Street Bistro told me that the escargot poppers “were enticing.” Mhmm, I definitely hope to see those on the menu again.

I hadn’t been lucky enough to experience the joys of a food truck until today.  There is this weird, fun, anxious feeling that comes with the anticipation of seeing what will be on the menu next.  It’s great to see a new creative take on lunch in Downtown Bangor (especially when it tastes wicked delicious).  So cheers to you Street Bistro! I will definitely be visiting again.


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