Post-Phish Weekend

        On Thursday, I left Maine for Worcester, MA to go see my first ever Phish show.  It was unreal!  Hands down, it was the best show I have ever been to. I get Phish now, but anyway…that is not what this post is about.
        After making the trip back from Mass Friday morning, I went straight into work for an eight hour shift. Yeah, not fun at all.  Let’s just say I was definitely struggling.  Once I got work out of the way, I was ready to spend the rest of my weekend relaxing.
        And of course, my idea of relaxing includes delicious food.

        Saturday morning started off with a Verve burrito. If you are ever in the Orono area, you have to go to Verve.  Their burritos are outrageously good.  I’m also a huge fan of their smoothies.

Verve’s fajita veggie burrito with all of the fixings

        The best thing about burritos is that they’re easy to eat on the go.  We headed right from Downtown Orono to Brooklin so that I could go pick up my car.  The weather was gorgeous, so we ended up taking quite a bit of a detour to Bar Harbor.  We were going to go to Sand Beach, but it’s already teeming with tourists.  Instead, we hung out on the Otter Cliffs just taking in the beautiful view.


         We had dinner in Bar Harbor at Geddy’s.  I had always heard people talk about it, but this was my first time going.  It was alright.  I wasn’t impressed with the calamari that we ordered.  The breading was too thick (it tasted like Bisquick) and the dipping sauce was canned salsa.  Besides the calamari, everything else was really good.  I ordered fish and chips.  The piece of haddock I got barely fit on the plate it was so huge! The breading was perfect and it didn’t taste too fishy.  The fries were really good, too.  Overall, I would give the place a 7 out of 10.
        On the drive through and from Bar Harbor, I pursued my love of sun-roof pictures.  These are some of the better ones:

        That night (and well into this morning), I finally caught up on some sleep.  Upon waking up, I was whisked away to Ellsworth where I finally got to try Martha’s Diner.  It is a cute little place that I have been dying to try for a while now.  What attracted me to it is that it is adorned in I Love Lucy memorabilia.  The little diner looks like a classic 50’s joint and the sparkly, red, vinyl bench seats were very comfy.  The waitresses were all so friendly that, despite it being our first time there, they made us feel like regulars.
        I liked the vibe of Martha’s Diner, but I liked the food even better.  I ordered one chocolate chip pancake and am I glad I ordered just one. The thing was huge! Its taste certainly lived up to its size because it was delicious.  I also ordered a side of home-fries.  Nothing is worse than an under-cooked, plain plate of home-fries, so I could really appreciate how crisp and well seasoned Martha’s Diner’s were.
        The coffee was bottomless, the food was great, and the service was kind and warm.  It really was a great way to start my day.  And the best part is that I can now cross one more thing off of my 20 before 20 list.

16. Find a random diner to try

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