Tuesday Tunage: Andrew Bird

Every few months I get re-obsessed with Andrew Bird.  I always like him, but I will excessively listen to him for weeks at a time.  I am back on my kick, clearly.  Currently, I am loving Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire.  Here, I have posted his song “Fake Palindromes”.  It is the first song I ever heard by Andrew Bird, and it has remained one of my favorites.
On a side note, if you are ever having trouble focusing when you are trying to study, I highly recommend listening to Andrew Bird’s album, Useless Creatures.  It is hands down one of my favorite albums.  The instrumental songs get you completely lost in anything that you are doing.  I wouldn’t skip around the CD because the songs work together in order to make it feel like you are running through a field on a sunny day.  That probably makes it sound like I am stoned out of my mind when I listen to it, but I kid you not; you will feel so relaxed and productive.  I’m sorry to gush over it, but it really is the greatest.  It’s summer now, but give it a try once next semester starts back up.  Here is a little preview:

“Hot Math” is the second to last song on the album.  Plus, the cover art is adorable and fantastic and makes me love it even more! Listen to Andrew Bird! You will love him!

Okay, sorry about that. I am done ranting now.  Until next time you little creatures!


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