"Coffee Tea or Me?"

        Okay, so it’s not on my official Summer Reading List, but I just finished this book and it is definitely worth a share.  
        Coffee Tea or Me? is the fantastic memoir of two airline stewardesses from the 1960’s.  It is no secret that I am obsessed with the 60’s. When I saw this gem sitting on a shelf at Goodwill, I just had to buy it. The best part is that it was only fifty cents!  I figured this book would be whatever.  If anything, I thought it would just look nice on my bookshelf, displaying it’s witty title for all to see.
    Oh, how wrong I was.
        This book isn’t super well written, but it is still good.  Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.  With it’s mix of story telling, educating, and advice giving, I felt like I was an airline stewardess in the 60’s. If you love anything and everything that has to do with the 1960’s, you are going to love this book.  It is a great, borderline scandalous book to get lost in for a couple of days.
        Seeing as to it was written in the 60’s, I will warn you that it isn’t the most politically correct book.  You kind of have to think of it as Mad Men in the sky in a book.  It’s wrong, but it’s entertaining.  For example, there is a whole chapter that breaks down what to expect from male passengers based on their race or occupation.  While you know the stereotypes aren’t always true, you’ll still end up giggling at least a little bit. 
        So, go get this book (it is available on Amazon and I’m sure you could find it other places, too), throw on a big hat, sit in the sun, and get your fabulous self lost in it.


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