A Getaway To Portland, ME

        This weekend was beautiful! It was the perfect opportunity to pack up the good ‘ol Volvo and head south to Portland. (Shout out to Bryan Roche for keeping the 90s jams bumpin’ the whole way down.)  I could not have asked for better weather and people to spend the day with.  The trip revolved around walking, discovering, and best of all…eating.

Headed on down to P-town
We stayed at my friend Betsy’s super sweet apartment.  Betsy is living it up in Portland right now and she has an awesome blog about bagels and Portland. 

        Check out Betsy’s Blogel. I assure you; it’s well worth a gander.

We discovered that the roof at Betsy’s is a great hang out spot.   Later that night, I spent a good hour people watching from here.  It provided a nice time passer while everyone else went to the bars (under 21 woes).

These are some of the cool spots that we chose to stop and hang out at.

These are the delicious places we chose to get food at.

Otto Pizza is hands down some of the greatest pizza I have ever had.  This pizza is on a whole other level than most slice shops I’ve been to.  It’s gourmet pizza with some of the most mouth-watering topping combos I have ever heard of.  I had a mushroom and cauliflower slice.  The mushrooms were caramelized (or something awesome like that) and they tasted way too good.  Like, full on food-gasm good.  

This here is my first OhNo Cafe breakfast sandwich.  It consisted of a perfectly fried egg, spinach, tomato,  cucumber, red onion, cream cheese and Sriracha all in-between a delicious bialy. Between this and the Otto pizza, I spent the greater part of my weekend in a food coma.

I love Portland, ME.  Being there made me excited about my trip to Portland, OR that I am planning on taking this year.  Comparing the two cities should be interesting.


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