Disposable Cameras and Target Meltdowns

        I love disposable cameras.  I like to use them during events that might be a little too dangerous for my Sony DSLR. Tony is my Sony.  The disposables are referred to as my sluts; I use them once and then toss them.  It might seem like a wasteful process, but I assure you it is not.  Kodak has been recycling these disposable cameras for over a decade now.  Check out what those smart cookies are doing.

        Again, I love disposable cameras.  While I wouldn’t exactly call them cheap (keep in mind that I’m cheap), they are definitely always worth it.  They’re perfect for capturing a moment the way that it was.  As I often remind anyone who tries to snag my disposable at a party, “Use that wisely, girl! That ain’t no digital and I’ve only got 27 cranks.”  People can get really annoying about taking the “perfect” picture with digital cameras because they have an unlimited amount of tries.  With a disposable it’s click, boom, done.  Oh, you were chewing with your mouth open in that one? Sorry, no do overs.
Halloween 2010

Autumn Christmas Party

White-trash Kitty Door

Coast of Brooklin, ME

Rafting on the Penobscot
(Water-proof disposables are the best!)

        Usually, I go to the local Target to get my cameras developed.  They have one-hour drop off, and in my opinion they produce the best quality out of any big department store.  So please, just imagine my dismay when I walked in today and saw that they are no longer developing film…

Wait, what?!
         Yeah, you heard me.  Target is no longer developing film! Needless to say, upon being told this I created a bit of a scene.  It might have been a little dramatic, but really; no more quick and easy film developing? I may or may not have told the Target associate breaking the news to me that she was “literally tearing my heart out.”  Yep, so like I said, a bit of a scene was caused.  On the bright side, I now have a reason to go check out Bangor Photo.



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